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Welcome to Grace Lampwork Beads!

Wholesale Info

Who qualifies for a wholesale discount?
Wholesale customers must have valid Reseller permit/certificate or Tax number.
What is the wholesale discount rate?
Lampwork Beads Only*:
25% off, $100+ orders
35% off, $500+ orders
50% off, $1,500+ orders
Once you have one order of $1,500+, you qualify to continue to receiving 50% off on all future orders, with no minimum. Contact us for details.
* Unless we offer a special discount, wholesale discounts apply to our regularly priced glass lampwork beads only. These discounts cannot be applied to our mesh ribbon, accessories, porcelain beads or to our already discounted discontinued beads.
How to setup a wholesale account?
Email a COPY of the following two documents to us:
1) Valid Reseller Permit or Tax ID Certificate.
2) Complete and sign a General Resale Certificate Form. (Link to be added soon. For now, just do step 1) If you are not in California, simply write down your own state on the form.
Note: Please make sure to include your email and phone number on the fax so we can contact you with the discount coupon information.
Email : info[a] (change [a] to @)
How to use a wholesale discount online?
Once we receive your wholesale documentation, we will email you the wholesale discount coupon codes. You can then use the coupon code during your online checkout.
How to find the item number from a receipt I already have?
If you have previously purchased from us online or at a bead show and would like to buy that same item again, it may be helpful to know that the receipt and the tag include the item number.
Here is sample format of the receipt or tag: 156-111 012 01
111 012 01 is the item number.
156 is the SKU number. It may be 3 or 4 digits. If you have a receipt printed from the computer, you don't need this number. However, if you have 3 or 4 digits on your handwritten receipt from a show, contact us to identify the product item number you need.
To search online for the product item number, there are no spaces between each digit. Simply use 11101201 as keyword to search. Or since the last two digits (in this case 01) correspond to the shape of the bead, you may enter the item number without the last two digits to list all shapes of the matching beads. For example, search 111012 and press enter. You will not only get the shape of 01 (rondelle), you may get 11101202 or 11101204, which are the lentil and pillow shaped strands, respectively. Any matching focal beads will also be included in the list.
Anything else is important about an online order?
While we have almost everything we sell online, there may be some items you saw at the show not yet online (such as new items or special colored spacer beads). If you are unable to find an item or matching bead, please feel free to contact us or add a note to your order during checkout. We will reply to you with the availability.