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All of our handmade lampwork glass beads are designed by Grace Ma, a self-taught lampworker. Grace started making beads in Oct 2002. Three months later she began selling her beads on eBay. In July of 2004, Grace began selling at her first bead show - The Whole Bead Show in San Francisco. This show opened the door to a whole new world for herself. She started training her own employees to make the beads, and today you can find Grace Lampwork beads in most of the major bead shows year round and in 50+ stores in United States.

Grace Lampwork Beads are developed through a strict quality control process. We use Venetian glass and German glass. All our beads are annealed overnight to ensure a better strength. Each small bead takes 5-10 minutes to make. Other beads in the marketplace are made faster, however they lose the quality and detail of the design. Therefore it's important to have a balance between speed and quality when handmaking lampwork beads. Grace Lampwork Beads are consistently high quality. That's our committment.

Learning is a life-time job says Grace, as she continues to take classes, exploring new techniques and methods. "Being creative is much more fun than producing the same beads." With her employees' help, Grace continues to focus on designing, while keeping her prices reasonable compared with other artisan beads.

Comparing tons of inexpensive low quality imported beads and very expensive fine artisan beads in the market; Grace Lampwork Beads provides you the same quality and design as other artisan beads at affordable prices.

PBS TV did a short interview with Grace on April 5th 2008 during the BeadFest Wire Show in King of Prussia, PA and was aired in Sep. 2008.  

Grace Ma and her beads were also featured in The Ruby page 11 to 13. PDF file is available online.  Ruby Interview.

I love to share my vision, designs, happiness and success with others. With my beads, you can turn them into a piece of beautiful unique jewelry. There is too much similarity in the commercial world. My unique lampwork beads will show off your own character and personality, and this will make you feel good.

Grace Ma